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We are Götsch Pharma.

An experienced filmproduction company specialized in Pharma Productions with an innovative and customer orientated service package. Consulting

1.  What we do best - since 15 years

Pharma companys hire us to produce

high quality video documentations

of their production lines and isolators.


They hire us (and not the ingenieur office f.e.) because we have the experience of over 15 years in filmproduction and smoke studies and can even help the employers with their asepctic handling and prevent mistakes that can lead to warning letters.
Time saving because we know and decide where we place the cameras etc.

Karte mit Anzahl Produktionen pro Land?

2.  Our main advantage

Customers often reflect us, that their main benefit is when hiring us:

They are saving lots of time!

And time is money.

Because we know the pharma work environment, the processes, the production and all potential problems so well, we can produce the content largely independent.

Which means your Employee can keep on working throughout the production period.

FilmTeam vs Consultant

3.  Overview - Our production

We offer you a complete service package.


Few facts:

  • 4 Camera Perspectives

  • Documented time stamps

  • Split screen view

  • Remote cameras to safe time with setup because you have no cables

  • Schlauchführungssystem

  • MFS

4.  Beyond filmproduction

And our service doesnt stop at filmproduction.

For our smoke studies we developed and produce the most powerful WFI fog generator on the market.

The in Germany produced WFI fog generator MFS is the choices of pharma companies throughout whole europe.

With 45 ultrasonic nebulizers and 50 minutes runtime at maximum output it's the perfect powerful tool for every kind of use in pure or highly pure environments.

Features of our MFS:

We live digitalization.

Everything at one glance in our specially developed Smoke Study App

Our video display platform guarantees you stress-free and time-saving work in relation with your smoke studies.

We will give you an iPad with all your videos, which are neatly sorted on our platform and can be linked to all the relevant documents if necessary.

5. One step ahead

We bring the future in training videos:

Augumented Reality

Saving costs and time. Helps to learn faster.

And our service doesnt stop at filmproduction.

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